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We are not just another social network. We are a total business process solution. Briind integrates and harmonizes the business functions needs of organizations with members and groups of all types with their social media needs.

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Social media integrated with business processes

We created this application because of our long-standing struggles to manage different standalone business applications and different social media platforms we use in our member-based organizations. The goal was to create a single platform to manage both the business application and social media needs of member-based organizations so that people with the same passion can easily interact. Briind is secure, scalable, and customizable to your needs.

Applications Under Briind:
  • Member Management
  • Member Networking and Chat
  • Donation Management
  • Event Management

Reduce the stress of working with and managing groups

Because member-based organizations and businesses have the two important components of member management and business management to carry out, their operations often demand the use of a number of different applications.

This complexity increases when the solutions they use have dissimilar workflows, reports, and requirements. Briind streamlines processes and reduces stress by putting all that is needed to manage groups together in one platform.

Built-in communication tools

Briind’s social media platform is designed to promote networking for member-based organizations. Therefore, Briind simplifies communication by enabling people and organizations to connect with others. Briind can manage various types of communications including messages, calls, emails, and texts.

Briind Analytics

Integrated Reports

Briind is capable of generating integrated and individual reports for every business process and social interaction that takes place in a member-based organization. With Briind’s reports and insights generated from them, leaders and administrators can make informed decisions and be of more impact in their communities.

Benefits of using Briind

Drive with Purpose

Briind believes in purpose with profit. Briind social media is designed for member-based organizations to help their members attain their purpose and create impact by connecting people who have the same passions. Organizations can use Briind to fulfill their mission, help their members achieve their purpose, and thus make an impact in their community.

Total Solution

Briind simplifies the business functions of member-based organizations. By using Briind, member-based organizations have the advantage of using a single platform to engage with members and manage their business.

Next Level Social Media

Briind is not like other social media platforms: it is family-friendly and socially pleasant. Briind’s goal is to facilitate meaningful community connections for the common good and enrich our social life by enhancing interaction within the groups and organizations we belong to online.

Enhance Member Engagement

Briind is member centric. Briind’s core mission is to help organizations effectively engage with their members to achieve their purpose and to create productive networks of people with the same passions. So, Briind blends organizations' purposes with their member’s interests to better their members' lifestyles.

Simplify Business Functions

Briind is the answer to the social enterprise’s quest to simplify its business functions on one single application. By using Briind, organizations, and enterprises have an all-in-one application for all their business needs.

Why should my organization use Briind?

Briind empowers member-based organizations to take informed decisions by accessing integrated and comprehensive information about their organizations.

With Briind, they can use a single application to carry out their business processes and social networking- allowing them to save on the cost of subscriptions to various business process applications and to reduce administrative time spent managing these platforms- all of which can be reinvested into achieving the organization's purpose.
Additionally Briind helps organizations establish live, credible connections within their communities thus understanding the real pulse of their members lives and positively impacting them.

You Save Money

Instead of subscribing to many standalone apps, you will subscribe to just one platform, tailored to your member-based organization’s needs. This means you not only save money and human resources considerably but you also get the right features to manage your organization. Briind functions are customizable- so you select what you need to fit your organization’s priorities.

You can make better, more informed decisions

Your organization is purpose-driven! So along with financial reports, it is important to be aware of your organization’s mission effectiveness within the community- socially, spiritually and economically. Briind helps ensure you understand the well-being of the community you lead.

You can focus on your mission, not your processes

Briind is designed to be simple. Briind users experience a consistent “look, feel, and workflow”, making tasks easier. You can easily navigate between applications in the open dialogue box. It’s so simple to use!
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Why should I use Briind?

By using Briind as an individual, it is easy to connect with people who have the same passions as you. You can also manage your memberships in organizations you belong to.

Get this powerful tool and start connecting with others to create impact in your community.

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